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Unprecedented Technology to Replace Probabilistic, Estimation-Based Statistics

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Ellipsoid Analytics creates world-class solutions for companies and organizations that rely on data for developing insights and pioneering technological advances.
EA’s proprietary technology provides custom analytical tools that deliver data-deterministic results with greater speed, accuracy and reliability than any other analytics tool on the market.

By allowing your data to determine outcomes, your results are:


Removes human error by eliminating the need for assumptions.


Needs no weighting, filtering or normalization that can skew results.


Requires no functional model so that the data can speak for itself.


Autonomously removes the need for human supervision and oversight.


Data Analysis

Summarize and analyze data sets faster, and with greater accuracy and reliability.

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Data Mining

Discover more with advanced data organization tools and anomaly-detection algorithms.

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Quality Management

Achieve higher quality standards with reliable verification and numerical accuracy.

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Sensor Data Management

Monitor in your data real-time, and receive immediate notification of sensor capability.

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Spatial Orientation

Reliably locate, interpret, compare and interact with objects in the physical environment.

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Capture the advantages of next-level data analytics.

Right now, the limitations of data analytics software hold many industries back from achieving significant advances in their field. Our analytics capabilities come as the result of a technological breakthrough in the field of data science.

We deliver real-time information with repeatable results and absolute accuracy from any data set.

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Discover how EA technology applies to: