Data Mining

Interrogate data sets with assumption-free analysis.

We live at a time when the opportunity to amass large quantities of data are accelerating at an exponential pace. New ways to access and interpret these data sets need to evolve simultaneously so that information and insights can be created at the same pace. The insights that can be gleaned from these data can fuel innovation and breakthroughs in any number of applications.

Processing the vast quantities of data creates great promise, but does present many challenges:

Quality of data.

Missing data, zero values and/or low-quality data often compromises your analysis and potentially results in spurious conclusions being drawn from it. There is a clear need to improve the means to verify the quality of data inputs and adjust for poor or misleading information. Missing data has always been a significant source of concern and has introduced its own source of bias through data elimination or interpolation.

Velocity of data.

Data sets grow at an astonishing rate – faster than many systems can process and interpret. With so much data, organizations need reliable ways to clean, organize, analyze and interpret data in real-time.

Volume of data.

The evolution of data collection capabilities across devices of all descriptions and the emerging IoT have created a data explosion beyond what might have been imagined just a few years ago.  In addition to the need for cleaning and processing data effectively, the efficiency of data storage and speed of access has become critical.   

Accurate analysis from raw data – no weighing, no filtering, NO NORMALIZATION, no assumptions.

Ellipsoid Analytics leads the way to extracting key insights from your data by first solving for singularities, managing heteroscedasticity, dealing with hidden or latent restrictions, and identifying rank deficiencies in your data sets. These previously unsolvable issues can now be handled effortlessly to prepare your data without loss of data integrity. This is a fundamental and important basis for the power with Ellipsoid Analytics, and is the platform that sets the stage for greater accuracy, reliability, and reduction of bias.

Advanced Data Preparation & Singularity Management

Our data preparation tools do not require that your data be homogenous and do not require any normalization.  EA removes duplicate and multiple data points seamlessly and offers a generalized singularity solution that provides a more accurate data set without compromising the integrity of the whole, or discarding valuable data.  EA autonomously assesses your data for rank deficiency and assures that your data insights are numerically valid.

Data-Deterministic Maximum Deviation & Anomaly Detection

Ellipsoid analytics’ precise anomaly-detection capabilities differentiate between assumption-based identification of “expected” and “unexpected” data points and their data-deterministic identification. Managing inaccurate inputs within data sets and preventing them from misleading your results on the one hand – or assessing the anomalies themselves to produce unique insights about data behavior on the other – is key to this capability. At Ellipsoid Analytics, the maximum deviation from the ideal is determined by the data itself, and is a reliable, calculated reference point rather than an estimation or a biased, pre-determined value.

EA Essence Module Compression (EMC) — Advanced Data Storage Strategy 

Ellipsoid Analytics advanced data storage strategies include the unique ability to collapse any data set onto its one, unique internal hyper-ellipsoid, without the loss of any data, and with the ability to expand the data back to its original condition when needed.  This capability creates the potential for data storage to be reduced by a significant factor and operate at higher speeds.