Introducing the next level in data analytics

Probabilistic tools have always been the tried-and-true standard of data analytics, and are embedded deeply into business processes and technical solutions of all types.
Just as propellers were once the most effective means of powering aircraft, these tools have served the world well over the years.

But today, the exponential growth of technology and big data has created the need for higher levels of reliability and accuracy to move us to the next level – making traditional data analysis tools and statistics-based mathematics insufficient, and in many cases, even obsolete. In fact, we are at a key inflection point in data analytics, where a new level of accuracy and reliability are required to produce higher quality outputs and drive technological advancement across multiple sectors.

At Ellipsoid Analytics, we are bringing a number of technological innovations to market that are revolutionizing the world of data analytics. These innovations, and the solutions we are building around them, are the result of over 30 years of scientific research and development at the highest levels of academic excellence. Expert knowledge from the engineering sciences, physics, mechanics and mathematics are all embedded into our holistic, autonomous, data-deterministic solutions.

In aggregate, OUR capabilities go well beyond what has been possible previously, and are made possible because of the invention and the discovery by Ellipsoid Analytics’ founders.

The defining invention is the ability to calculate exact numerical balancing of each data point in any data cloud to all of the other points in that set, and to the unique center point simultaneously. The subsequent discovery is that the balancing factors from these calculations produce a unique feature in and of themselves – specifically, a consistent geometric shape that is always a hyper-ellipsoid. We also refer to this unique ellipsoid feature as, the “Inner Reference”, which enables a myriad of unprecedented analytical capabilities.

The repeatability and reliability derived from the consistent existence of the Inner Reference in every data set provides the key to finding the true solution to any of your business challenges, every time.

At Ellipsoid Analytics, we are committed to becoming the world’s standard for all data-based insights and quantification of decision-based output from data sets of all descriptions. We will serve you as your innovator, integrator, supplier and/or partner – collaborating with you and your team to build applications that solve your problems while optimizing your technology at each subsequent stage of development.


Wayne Brannon

Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Wayne has been an international executive working in more than 80 countries for over 40 years.  Most notably, he served as President & Managing Director of Chevrolet Europe from 2006 to 2012 — re-launching the brand across 37 countries and turning-around a struggling business. During this time, Wayne also held the titles of Vice President GM Europe, VP of GM International Operations and CEO of Cadillac Europe.

In 2013, Wayne was the interim CMO for VW of America. More recently, he has worked with multiple companies across many industries as a management consultant, an executive coach and a strategic partner driving business performance.  Wayne recently formed Ellipsoid Analytics with the team and intends to spread the unprecedented technology around the world to capture the greatest human benefit.

Ingobert Schmadel

Founder, President & Chief Operating Officer

Ingo earned his Masters degree in 1983 from the University for Applied Sciences in Mainz, Germany. He started his career as the Head of Survey and Alignment for the Heavy Ion Accelerator Facility in Darmstadt, Germany. In 1991, he started an advanced mobile metrology services business for Aerospace and Automotive. In 2000, Ingo began a scientific collaboration on a unique error detection algorithm and became a visionary regarding numerical balancing technology.  This work led to the launch of Inora Technologies in 2001 in Ann Arbor , Michigan — a sister company of Ellipsoid Analytics.

Today, Ingo continues to be the President of Inora, and also President of Ellipsoid Analytics.

Tony Schultz

Chief Marketing Officer

Tony has more than 25 years experience in the automotive industry. Most recently he was Vice President, Americas, for Honeywell Turbo Technologies. Prior to this, Tony was VP Customer Management for Honeywell Turbo Technologies, during which time he had responsibility for the company’s worldwide relationships with key Honeywell customers, including Caterpillar, General Motors and Fiat/Iveco. He also served as Vice President of the Toyota and Honda Business Units in the Asian OEM Division of Lear Corporation.

During his career at Lear he has held a variety of commercial roles with increasing responsibility including Vice President, North America for the Asian OEM division and Vice President of Japanese joint ventures.

Paul Marx

Chief Information Officer

Paul has more than 25 years experience in the IT arena across multiple industries, including:  Healthcare, Inventory and Logistics Management, RF technologies, Automotive, EDI, and DOD.  He has served as a Project Leader in product development, quality assurance, marketing, customer support and training for software products worldwide.  He has also personally developed, coded and maintained data systems consisting of complex analytic interactions between more than 500 active programs. Paul is currently helping to lead the roll-out of Ellipsoid Analytics in multiple sectors.  He lives with his family in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Julie Hamp

Executive VP of Business Development

In her more than 36-year career in communications, Julie has strengthened top global brands while cultivating talent and key relationships in lead global roles at three Fortune 100 companies.

Hamp was the Chief Communications Officer and a managing officer for Toyota Motor Corporation.  Based in Tokyo, Hamp led Toyota’s global communications efforts, with responsibility for a team of over 400 public affairs and overseas external affairs team members.

Prior to joining Toyota, Hamp was chief communications officer and senior vice president, communications and consumer relations for PepsiCo, reporting to the CEO. She also was a member of the company’s executive council and foundation board of directors and led a global team of more than 350 communications and consumer relations professionals.

Before joining PepsiCo, Hamp was vice president, communications for General Motors’ European region based in Zurich, Switzerland. She was a member of both the GME and GM corporate communications strategy boards and led a team of 140 regional communications professionals in 27 countries. Hamp was responsible for all aspects of communications for Saab, Opel, Vauxhall and Chevrolet.