Autonomous, secure, efficient vehicle information systems

It’s an exciting time for the automotive industry. Autonomous vehicles represent one of the most significant technological breakthroughs of the twenty-first century, with broad implications for mobility, safety, and sustainability. Meanwhile, vehicles are growing more and more reliant on interconnected data systems and the necessary intelligence required from them.

Because of these advances, vehicles now require more powerful, real-time data analytics and cyber-security solutions, and consequently, these have become top priorities for vehicle manufacturers and technology solution providers who work with them. In addition, environmental and economic concerns are driving the need for electrification and improved engine efficiency for vehicle propulsion.

The companies striving for peak performance across all these disciplines are learning why Ellipsoid Analytics technology offers new breakthroughs in all of these areas, and more.

Autonomous Vehicles

Among the greatest challenges facing autonomous vehicles operating in a live environment is processing and interpreting sensor data quickly and accurately enough to allow the vehicle to make intelligently informed decisions and navigate safely.

Ellipsoid Analytics technology can be applied to autonomous vehicles in several ways that will help assure success:

Vehicle Perception Technology

It is critical for autonomous vehicles to interpret sensor data accurately at high-speed. Any mistake or lag time could result in failure — autonomous vehicles cannot afford slow response time in interpretation at a critical moment.

Ellipsoid Analytics technology provides high-speed advanced point-cloud stitching and matching solutions that rapidly integrate camera, LiDAR and other sensor data with autonomous feature identification to solve even the most complex problem cases in spatial orientation and interpretation.

Vehicle Positioning

Autonomous vehicles must possess positioning capabilities that extend beyond a general GPS location. Without accurate feedback regarding a vehicle’s location, orientation, and rate of movement, decision making systems run the risk of misguiding a vehicle.

Ellipsoid Analytics technology allows for exact vehicle positioning and navigation optimization. With the highest levels of accuracy potential, you can rely on your EA enabled systems to operate at peak performance.

Connected Vehicles

As automotive technology expands to encompass more aspects of vehicle control, the data generated by these interconnected systems places a heavy burden on the vehicle’s data processing capabilities. Automotive companies require data management and security tools that can meet these requirements in order to meet the high demands of their industry.

Vehicle Data Processing

Any vehicle operating at high speeds must have analytics support that can process incoming data fast enough to be relevant to the system.

Ellipsoid Analytics offers a customized onboard analytics system that can stream real-time feedback to your controls, allowing for more efficient vehicles.

Vehicle Cyber Security

The more vehicles depend on technology for operations, the more vulnerable they are to possible cyber threats. It is absolutely critical that the next generation of advanced automotive technology employ the most cutting-edge cyber security technology on the market.

Ellipsoid Analytics can provide the technology to craft custom cyber security solutions for vehicles that are unique and not able to be defeated.

Vehicle Propulsion Systems

Engine efficiency is a key concern from both an environmental and economic perspective. Automotive industries have strong motivations for meeting regulatory standards or environmental emissions guidelines, while consumers are often interested in vehicles that boast reliable, efficient propulsion systems. EA technology addresses both concerns.

Autonomous Real-Time Sensor Data Management

Sensor data provides key insights into performance by measuring efficiency and reporting on potential maintenance issues. But over time, the sensors themselves wear down or fall out of alignment.

Our sensor data management tools can help spot anomalies in sensor feedback and adjust feedback to remove inaccurate data, all while providing lag-free reports on system performance.

Output and Emissions Optimization

Accurate sensor data provides crucial aid to vehicles as they monitor and control fuel consumption. A system that effectively regulates fuel use can improve the efficiency of the vehicle while also reducing emissions.

EA’s sensor management tools can work autonomously to measure and adjust propulsion systems to improve engine efficiency.