Cyber Security

Next-level cyber security solutions.

Given the rapid state of technological advancement and the ever-increasing stakes in data security, most businesses have come to view cyber security as a critical facet of their business health. However, each gain in cyber security is soon matched by attacks from new forms of malware, hacks, breach attempts or computer viruses. Cyber security must evolve quickly to stay ahead of these threats. Ellipsoid Analytics offers the next leap forward in cyber security.

Real-Time Breach Detection

Sometimes, even the most advanced defenses are not enough to prevent a security breach. When this happens, swift detection and elimination of the threat is of the utmost urgency.

Autonomous, Model-Free Anomaly Detection

At Ellipsoid Analytics, we’ve based our anomaly detection tools on a model-free system that differentiates between legitimate and illicit activity with absolute precision. While many anomaly detection systems base their algorithms on known behavior patterns of malicious programs, we leverage the unique capabilities of our technology to identify all anomalous behavior—even those that don’t conform to expected attack models.

The accuracy of our feature extraction tools allows our system to operate autonomously, without need of oversight or approval. As a result, it responds to threats at record speed, limiting the potential damage of a security breach.


Enhanced Biometrics Performance

Many security systems, especially those which practice multifactor authentication, rely on biometric data to verify user identity before granting access to sensitive information. However, while these new security protocols provide some protection, they also open new avenues of attack for those savvy enough to exploit their weaknesses.

Inner Reference Based Feature Identification

To be effective, biometric technology must be able to distinguish unique identifying characteristics, even in changing conditions. This is especially true for facial recognition technology, which must operate even in low-light conditions, or when the subject has changed their appearance.

Ellipsoid Analytics can provide biometric feature identification capabilities based on the unique inner reference features of any subject with advanced speed, accuracy and do so with less data from the subject than ever before.