Precision data feedback for peerless manufacturing results.

With the advent of 3-D printing and cutting-edge analytics, the manufacturing industry has undergone tremendous change in the past two decades. Each technological advance opens a new range of applications and possibilities. And with our latest breakthrough, we believe we are on the cutting-edge of a new transformative period in manufacturing.

As Manufacturing moves to 4.0 and beyond Ellipsoid Analytics will be your partner for unmatched data intelligence and numerical reliability.


Quality Excellence

All manufactured products must meet certain quality standards to ensure a safe, functional, reliable product. For some industries, the acceptable parameters for error are relatively loose. But for industries where tight tolerences and high quality control standards apply, even marginal improvements in production accuracy can lead to far-reaching gains in efficiency, safety, and overall quality.

Machine Verification and Calibration

A poorly-calibrated machine can lead to quality errors.  But verifying just where your machine stands relative to its capabilities is the first critical step to eliminating these errors.  The measurement and assessment process with EA’s next-level data analytics is the critical element in this process. By improving verification, doing it more often and at lower cost, Ellipsoid Analytics technology allows for more reliable, repeatable results.


Root Cause Analysis

When something goes wrong with production, quick and correct identification of the root cause is essential to minimize the impact of the problem. Our anomaly detection tools allow you to detect errors with exacting details — allowing you to address the core problem and get quality output back on-track quickly.

3-D Printing

Many of the potential applications for 3-D printing technology in manufacturing remain untapped. As more businesses find ways to incorporate 3-D printing into their manufacturing processes, expectations for standardization will rise. The more reliably 3-D printing can meet these standards, the more applications it will have in the manufacturing sector.

Printed Part Feature Validation

Errors in 3-D print production can result in costly delays and wasted resources. To mitigate this risk, EA’s feature validation technology ensures production outcomes conform to design standards.

We can help your business limit re-prints of failed parts, and our tools can identify where your parts are going wrong so that you can adjust accordingly with confidence.


Operating in a real-world setting demands not only the mechanical ability to move and perform functions, but also the ability to analyze and interact with an environment in an appropriate way. To accomplish this, robotics professionals have invested countless hours in trying to create programs that will allow a computer system to scan, interpret, and respond to its environment. Our technology can take these programs to the next level of speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Advanced Datum Invariant Positioning

Datum Invariant Positioning 

Ellipsoid Analytics technology uses its proprietary “inner reference” technology for data-deterministic feature identification, positioning and spatial orientation.  Going well beyond the datum dependent solutions currently available, EA’s proprietary capabilities provide machines with the ability to interpret their environment without bias in real-time and position themselves accordingly — moving with a new level of confidence and repeatability.  Another example of where EA technology is enabling unprecedented new heights.